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If you’re thinking about joining a concierge therapy practice, knowing what questions to ask a concierge therapist can help ensure you choose the right practice for your needs. On this page, we’ll explore some questions you might not think to ask that can help you predict the type of care you’ll receive.

How Many Clients Does Your Practice Have Overall?

Most traditional therapy practices have hundreds of clients. Concierge therapy practices typically come in well under 1,000, and often closer to 50. While a lower client-count doesn’t guarantee you’ll develop a better relationship with your therapist, it is a major factor in this and in his ability to learn about you.

How Many Clients Do You See In a Typical Day?

The average caseload for therapists varies widely, depending on areas of specialization, work setting, and how many hours a week they work. That being said, it’s not uncommon for therapists to see an average of 6-9 clients per day.

For example, if a therapist works a full-time, 40-hour week, they might be seeing 40 clients a week and have 10 hours of paperwork and other housekeeping tasks. That’s a lot of clients and very little time accounted for breaks, meals, and travel time to and from the office. This may not seem like  a lot of work hours, but studies have shown it is sufficient to increase the changes of therapist burnout. In contrast, a concierge therapist sees a limited number of clients, making them both more accessible and present.

How Long Will My Visits with You Last?

Traditionally, therapy sessions are 45 to 50 minutes in length. Because concierge therapists keep their client-count low, they have the opportunity to provide their clients with the time and attention they need to get all of their questions answered and address all of their concerns.

How Far in Advance Does Your Schedule Fill?

One of the biggest complaints clients have is that it can take weeks to months to get in to see their therapist. Because concierge therapists see fewer clients overall, it takes much less time to get seen. Sometimes concierge therapists are even able to offer same-day appointments.

What Happens if I Need Assistance After Hours?

All therapists should have some kind of after-hours protocol, so you can get help with urgent needs. Some will give you a direct line to them. With concierge therapy, you have increased access to your concierge therapist.

What is Your Office Protocol for Your Vacations/Time Away?

Everyone has to take time away from work, be it for vacations or to take care of family matters. Find out how your concierge therapist handles these things and who covers for him while he or she is away.

Why Did You Decide to Operate a Concierge Therapy Practice?

The reasons vary for each concierge therapist, though most simply want to provide a higher standard of care than possible under the traditional model.

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