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family-therapy-counseling-reviews-san-jose-caRandi is a rare gem in the area of family therapy. She is insightful, professional and unique in her ability to help families understand what actually works in their relationships.
~ LM, San Jose

Thank you for the tools to forge a life-long, loving relationship with my son. That is truly the gift of a lifetime.
~ GN, San Jose

We wanted to let you know just how much you have changed our lives! On our first visit to your office we were very skeptical that what we had discussed would actually help our situation. However, we decided to follow your recommendations and are we glad we did! Within a very short time we started to notice changes that we never thought would happen. You have literally improved our lives more than we can put in writing. We can not thank you enough for your encouragement and empowerment. Please feel free to use this to show others that there is hope and that you can guide them to reach their goals. Again, we appreciate everything you have done and look forward to an awesome future.
~ CF, Campbell

My first experience with Randi many years ago was so positive that I returned for more help this past year when I began having problems with my sister. I knew that she would be able to get to the heart of the problem quickly, and to help get us on track toward a resolution.
~ SD, Los Gatos

Randi hasn’t just saved a lot of relationships, she’s helped them realize their full potential. This was certainly true of ours.
~ GF, San Jose

The thing I like most about Randi is that you leave the sessions feeling you’ve made a profound connection with your family members. More importantly, you can use what you’ve learned in-between sessions in real life. We all would highly recommend her.
~ JG, Sunnyvale

Randi is an active listener. I have worked with several therapists throughout my life. Without reservation, I would recommend Randi as the finest. She was able to sort through years of problems in our family and make suggestions for change that actually work. Randi is truly a generous and gifted professional.
~ AF, San Jose

Randi is a very special therapist. She is uniquely astute when it comes to identifying real issues. Patients and families alike respond beautifully to her honest, non-judgmental approach. She is a broadly competent therapist and is equally accessible to patients of all ages.
~ KL, San Jose

Randi is a wonderfully nurturing, compassionate psychotherapist who works exceptionally well with families to help heal not only difficulties with mood and anxiety, but also to help repair broken family systems.
~ TR, San Jose

Please note that in keeping with ethical principles and appropriate therapist, psychiatrist, and other mental health professionals code of conduct, none of these opinions or therapy testimonials were obtained from current therapy clients or other persons, who because of their particular circumstances, are vulnerable to undue influence. In compliance with HIPPA and confidentiality rules there is no identifying information. These testimonials represent individual experiences, your experience will be your own and these therapy testimonials are not intended to guarantee or imply a guarantee of treatment outcome.

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