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relationship-counseling-san-jose-caPlease note that I have suspended doing couples counseling for the foreseeable future. I am only doing individual therapy for one person at this time.

One of my main areas of expertise is relationship counseling, that is the professional discussion of how to improve personal 0r professional relationships.

It can be used to help an existing relationship or to resolve issues in a relationship that no longer exists, such as unsolved conflict with someone who we no longer have contact with.

The relationship that is the focus in relationship counseling is not necessarily romantic, although couples and marriage counseling is one type of psychotherapy.

Relationship therapy may involve a business relationship, as in the case of a professional and a client or an employer and employee. Additionally, it may be a family relationship, like siblings or a parent and child.

One of the important functions of relationship counseling is that it is confidential, as with any type of counseling. In this manner, I make every attempt to be non-judgmental and create a safe space that is supportive.

Relationship Counseling Methods

Relationship counseling works in one of two ways in that it may with only one person or it may involve both people in the relationship.

Sometimes relationships counseling may take the form of meeting with someone who is trying to improve their personal or professional relationships in a general sense.Some of the reasons that an individual might seek therapy this type of counseling include the following:

  • Wanting to feel more understood by others
  • Wanting a deeper connection with family and friends
  • Improving communication skills
  • Learning how to maintain good boundaries
  • Determining what is preventing happiness in relationships
  • Changing an unhealthy relationship dynamic
  • Attracting the right partner
  • Learning how to have mature, adult relationships
  • Help in resolving a conflict in a relationship
  • Resolving parenting differences
  • Altering patterns of abuse
  • Living with mental health issues

How Relationship Counseling Helps

relationship-counseling-san-jose-ca-2When a counselor meets with more than one person for counseling, the topics usually pertain to a problem that is interfering with their relationship.

When there is couple seeking relationship counseling, the psychotherapist typically has the first session with both parties in the relationship. After that, the counselor might meet with each person separately afterward to get their individual perspectives.

Relationship Counseling for Couples

How do you know if you and your partner could benefit from relationship counseling? If the two of you are arguing about trivial things or you can’t agree on a bigger issue such as money, sex, infidelity, in-laws or children, a professional counselor could help.

A counselor can not only mediate a particular subject but show you ways to better communicate during your next disagreement.

The main purpose of relationship counseling for couples is to get the benefit of a professional and neutral mediator to help you make sense of what’s going on. If you’re having trouble communicating with each other, then the counselor is going to help develop more positive and productive ways of communication.

Relationship Counseling and Communication

Some issues tend to strain a relationship more than others. These problems can be helped with a good relationship therapist. The therapist acts as an objective observer and guides the communication during the session in order to be the most productive.

Although a relationship counselors can be any licensed psychological professionals, marriage family therapists specialize in working with relationship issues.

When seeking relationship therapy, people should consider the professionals training and be aware that confidentiality is only guaranteed from people in certain professions.

I believe that a good deal of time in counseling is spent examining both the positive and negative aspects of the relationship. In this manner, we can try to capitalize on the strengths of each person and the relationship as a whole.

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