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california phone therapyOver the past few years we’ve become a Zoom society. For those of us who rely on these services as part of our self-care, this poses many challenges and can add to feelings of isolation, fear and boredom. While online therapy can be a great resource, it’s useful to get additional support.

Changes in your support  system and routine can create anxiety, tension, uncertainty, and fear.  It’s essential that you know that you are not alone and there is support out there for you.  There are a variety of resources that you can access from your phone or computer to tap into this support.

For individuals in recovery from addiction, anxiety and depression, it is important to maintain their support, meetings and self-care schedule.  One way to help is by attending an online support group.

Many support groups offer online meetings through Skype, Facetime, Zoom, or their own video conferencing platform.  These meetings have a similar format to the in-person meeting and is the next best thing to being there.  For example, there is typically an opening, topic discussion or speaker, and then there is time for everyone to share. Due to recent events, support groups are increasing the number of meetings that they offer to assist individuals who are at home and are unable to access an in-person meeting.

To find the meeting that you would like to attend check out the links below. Follow this simple process to accessing your first meeting.

  1. california phone therapyDecide what type of support group that you would like to attend.  Visit the website that is listed below that is correlated with your prospective support group.
  2. Find a time that you would like to attend a meeting.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the process of accessing the meeting.  You may have to set up an account in order to access the meeting, so make sure that you plan accordingly.
  4. Remember, just because you are unable to go to your usual groups or meetings, you are not alone.  Feeling isolated and alone can lead people to feeling vulnerable and anxious.  Reach out to people in your support network by phone or do video conferencing with them.  Whether you are chatting with some family, a friend, someone from the program, it can help you feel more connected.  This can be something to help you amp up your self-care program and stay connected.

Support Groups for Addiction and Families of Addicts

Online AA Meetings

San Jose/South Bay Online AA Meetings

Santa Cruz Online AA Meetings

San Francisco/Marin Online AA Meetings

Sonoma County Online AA Meetings

Bay Area Online 12 Step Meetings

Sacramento Online AA Meetings

San Luis Obispo County Online AA Meetings 

Los Angeles Online AA Meetings

Orange County Online AA Meetings

Santa Barbara Online AA Meetings

San Diego Online AA Meetings

San Diego North County Meetings

Portland Online AA Meetings

Seattle Online AA Meetings

Online Al-Anon Meetings

Santa Clara Valley Online Al-Anon Meetings

Santa Cruz Online Al-Anon Meetings

San Francisco Online Al-Anon Meetings

Northern California Online Al-Anon Meetings

San Luis Obispo County Online Al-Anon Meetings

Orange County Online Al-Anon Meetings

Los Angeles Online Al-Anon Meetings

Ventura County Online Al-Anon Meetings

Santa Barbara Online Al-Anon Meetings

Misc. Online Meetings

Codependents Anonymous

LGBTQ Online 12 Step Meetings 

Online Overeaters Anonymous Meetings

Online Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Online Codependents Anonymous Meetings

Smart Recovery Online Meetings

Recovery Dharma

Nar-Anon Online Meetings

SMART Recovery Friends and Family

Depression and Anxiety Support Groups

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

ADAA Online Support Group (Anxiety and Depression Association of America)

Daily Strength Community Groups and Support Groups

Turn2Me Support Groups

The Tribe Anxiety Support Groups

Online Meditation Groups

Center for Spiritual Enlightenment (San Jose)

Enlightened Meditation (San Jose)

Self-Realization Fellowship (San Diego)

Center for Spiritual Living (Ventura)

Dharma Refuge (Nationwide wide U.S.)

Additional Self-Care Support

Jack Kornfield – Meditation for Beginners

Pema Chodron – Guided Meditation

Progressive Relaxation – Johns Hopkins Hospital

Sound Healing Music – Deuter

Deep Sleep Meditation to Calm an Overactive Mind

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