Characteristics of Effective Therapy

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Effective therapy is the result of an effective therapeutic relationship. It takes a concerted effort by both the person receiving therapy and the therapist. Both parties need to have a vision of how to make difficult changes in behavior or thinking patterns.

Your expectations as to what you plan to achieve from therapy should be clearly defined as you begin working with your therapist.

You and your therapist should discuss  time frames for reaching your goals and on how your progress will be measured.

As you start therapy, it’s important that you and your therapist establish a good relationship that allows you to be honest about your thoughts and feelings. This requires that their be some sort of chemistry between the two of you that allows you to feel comfortable and safe. If you don’t feel supported from your therapist after the first few sessions, consider looking for another professional.

If you think you’ve found the right therapist, how do you know of he or she is the right therapist for you? As you are trying to navigate making changes in your life, an effective therapist will recognize the roadblocks in your way.

If you have control over these obstacles, your therapist should suggest  changes that can to help you move beyond them. If these blockages involve factors beyond your control, your therapist can teach you coping mechanisms that will help you to accept the circumstances.

An effective therapist can identify negative thoughts that may be agitating feelings of sadness, depression or anxiety. While supporting you and helping you to capitalize on your existing strengths, your therapist can help you develop a more pragmatic attitude.

Recognizing and Changing Behaviors

therapy-san-jose-psychotherapy-therapist-psychotherapy-9A good therapist can assist you in making positive changes in your relationships with others, helping you recognize behaviors that may be contributing to problems in relationships.

Your therapist role play and demonstrate ways to make your communication more clear and effective, which in turn will lead to a deeper connection and more honest discussions with people in your life who may be causing emotional pain.

Ultimately, you can determine whether your work with your therapist is effective if you begin to feel better and obtain insights about your own thoughts and behaviors that have previously eluded you.

As therapy continues, you should be able to recognize patterns in the way you act, trace their sources and identify stumbling blocks to your happiness you may have created.

If the ultimate result of your therapy is meaningful and positive change that assists you in making better choices and enjoying more fulfilling relationships with others, your therapy has been a success.

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