San Jose Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy

marriage-counseling-couples-therapy-san-jose-caAs a seasoned psychotherapist, I recognize that couples counseling and marriage therapy can be more than a little intimidating, especially if you have never been to therapy before.

Couples therapy is different than psychotherapy because it is more focused on the dynamics of the relationship between two people.

Unfortunately no formal education exists on how to have relationships. Each person in the relationship has certain expectations for how the relationship will develop following the marriage. Many couples do not communicate their expectations and are surprised when they learn from a professional such as a psychotherapist.

When this is combined with bad communication habits it can lead to negative feelings and problems for the relationship.

As a marriage counselor, my approach to marriage therapy is to help you strengthen the weak areas of your relationship and further improve upon the strong areas. We will cover everything from trust and communication to romance and sex.

San Jose Marriage Counseling and Psychotherapy

The foundation of high quality therapy is a close client-doctor relationship. I seek to establish a close working and collaborative relationship with you and your partner. Our communications will be strictly confidential and caring.

This begins during our initial discussion and continues to develop throughout the course of couples counseling. This is goal oriented couples therapy. Counseling begins with your objectives and ends once they are achieved.

As a couples therapist, I focus exclusively on saving and improving relationships. When a relationship is in trouble, the parties may not be aware of all the reasons for the conflict. If both people become defensive, the misunderstanding can quickly escalate and turn into hurt feelings.

Without an intervention, the conflict can become destructive and the professional help of a couples counselor and psychotherapist is essential.

Couples Therapy and Commitment

marriage-counseling-couples-therapy-san-jose-ca-2Sometimes a person will end a relationship prematurely, without realizing the sadness and trauma that happens afterwards. As a psychotherapist, I find this is particularly sad when the relationship could have been saved.

Sometimes, couples don’t realize that personal patterns ten to be repeated and that if we end a relationship without correcting a negative pattern of behavior, we will most likely repeat in in a new relationship.

Whether you’re fighting a lot or just feel things aren’t the way they used to be between you, working with you as a couple I can help clarify what forces are behind the issues that both hinder and enhance your life together.

In couples therapy, we can explore what’s involved in the patterns of how you relate to each other and to that end, some of the problems we may need to work on include:

  • Challenges with intimacy
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication problems
  • Anger and resentment
  • Infidelity
  • Insecurity
  • Sexual problems

How Couples Counseling Can Help

By learning the tools in a caring nurturing environment, we can begin to take steps to confront issues, patterns and approaches that are causing friction. Learning new skills and tweaking old habits can help you to prepare for the future of your relationship.

When we work together in couples counseling, I am committed to helping you feel supported in your journey to health and happiness with your partner. I have devoted my entire practice as a psychotherapist to assisting individuals and couples in having fulfilling relationships.

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