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After being a counselor for over 30 years, I’ve found that there are many definitions as to what counseling actually is.

The agreed to definition of “counseling” is typically that is a service providing assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social or psychological problems. Psychotherapy is actually so much more than this because it has the power to transform almost every aspect of a person’s life.

Although counseling can involve communication with a friend or family member, it is typically more effective then done in a professional sense, it it provided by someone like a therapist, attorney, or school counselor. Because there are so many types of counseling, it can be provided to couples, families, children, and adults.

At San Jose Counseling and Psychotherapy, I’ve always made counseling is a highly collaborative endeavor between myself and my client, which can be couples, families, and adults. I help my clients to identify specific goals and then move towards potential solutions to problems.

Counseling for Individuals, Couples, and Families

Professional counseling provides guidance to individuals, couples, and families in an effort to help them navigate life’s many challenges. This type of counseling is a relationship between counselor and client that empowers and can include helping people to accomplish mental health, career, wellness, and education goals.

These problems can focus on relationship issues that cause emotional turmoil, improving communication, developing new coping skills, building self-esteem, and creating behavioral changes.

Better Mental Health With San Jose Counseling

counseling-counselor-san-jose-ca2Whether I’m working with an individual, couples or a family the nature of counseling can often branch off into a variety of areas including the following:

  • Addiction / Substance Abuse
  • Nutrition
  • Spiritual
  • Wellness
  • Military
  • Marriage and Family
  • Career
  • Mental Health

Counseling to Improve Relationships

Deciding that you, a family member, or your relationship needs the help of a professional counselor is the first step.

Finding the right counselor or psychotherapist usually takes some research. In finding a counselor, start by clarifying what your goals of counseling are. That way you can ask prospective counselors if they have expertise in the areas you are trying to address.

Counseling is more than a career for me — it is a passion. There is no better experience than helping an individual or a couple to become happier and more content. If you have more questions about how counseling works, please feel free to call my office.

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